The Peter Pan Foundation

The Peter Pan Foundation is dedicated to inspiring children of all ages to reach their full potential
by building confidence, character and creativity through music and theater, while instilling the value of community outreach and philanthropy.

Winter Show Audition Announcement!

Sign up now to audition for the PPF Winter Show: Winter – A Season of Entertainment and Inspiration. Auditions take place Friday, Aug. 14 - Sunday, Aug. 16, so click HERE for details and to reserve your audition slot today.

PPF ACCOUNTABILITY: A Promise for Change

For the first many years of it’s existence, The PPF’s main mission was to bring magic to children at the hospital. But we became far too wrapped up in “casting authentically to films”. In a world full of white cartoon female princesses, we spent a solid decade in the beginning of our casting trying to keep the “authenticity” of the cartoons, to make it more “magical” for the kids, so they would think that the characters had stepped right out of the movies....

BUT WHAT IS MORE MAGICAL THAN REPRESENTATION AND INCLUSION?! Don’t all kids deserve to see themselves represented on the stage? In the movies? Everywhere?

Of course they do.

Over the past several years, we have become a fully inclusive casting organization. We know that if media won’t shift the narrative with who is represented-and how-than it is up to the rest of us. It is on us. But we took far too long. We should have been working to shift the narrative from day one.

To our beautiful, diverse foundation and audience members, thank you for helping us to keep bringing powerful philanthropic theatre to the community, but also for helping to push us to keep striving to be the best, most inclusive organization we can be. We are so proud of the diversity on the stage... but it isn’t enough.

We still have a long way to go.

For those who have ever felt slighted, overlooked, unseen, or unheard in our casting choices... that is on us. We offer our sincerest apologies and are grateful for your talent and your love. We hold ourselves accountable and we will forever strive to do better.

Our “Hear Our Voices” concert should have happened long ago. We are honored to lift our black/African community-but where have we been until now? Living in a predominantly white area is NOT an excuse to have a predominantly white foundation. We value the black/African artists in our family immeasurably... but are we loving them the best we can if we aren’t working to place them in more roles, and to reach out and fill our foundation with more members of their community?!

Black lives matter. And we need to be better listeners to make bigger change.

Effective immediately, we will be putting together an Inclusion, Outreach, and Accountability team. We will no longer be a part of the problem. Instead, we promise to continue to work tirelessly to be part of the solution.

This is on us.

Love & Light,

Leslie Noel Hansen and the Board of Directors
The Peter Pan Foundation

Helping Young Hearts to Fly Through...









The Peter Pan Foundation is a non-profit organization  dedicated to helping children of all ages -
both by providing opportunities  to engage in philanthropic efforts and by serving children in need through partnerships with other local organizations. 










The Peter Pan Foundation produces benefit musical productions and live performances throughout the year. We welcome new performers to join in fulfilling our mission to inspire children of all ages to build confidence, character, and creativity. 

The PPF is Always Making Magic

4 hours ago


Want to hear some AMAZING news? The Lafayette community totally rocked our #bekind21 Kindness Food Drive!! The bins were picked up today and between our partners, we collected over 1,800 pounds of food – enough to supply over 1,500 meals!! Wow! Way to change the world, all of you! 🙌🏼💚✨

@lafayettechamber_ca @lovelafayette @btwfoundation @mayabtwf @lovelafayette @btwfoundation @foodbankccs #BeKind21
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8 hours ago


Our foundation is full of such beautiful humans-thank you to everyone who dropped by yesterday to leave Kindness Rocks in our garden! And don’t worry, the kindness never stops with PPF-so you can drop off a rock anytime!

And speaking of unending kindness... Lady Gaga’s book, “Channel Kindness” was released today! Have you ordered your copy yet? We’re SO excited to have ours here at The PPF Home! 💚✨

@btwfoundation @ladygaga @momgerm #bekind21 #kindnessrocks #kindness
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1 day ago


Special shoutout to our Kindness Queen, @jordynsingz !! Not only did she participate in every day of our #bekind21 challenge, Jordyn spreads kindness every single day, year round! She is a warm, inclusive, loving friend to everyone; using her social media not only to share her incredible talent, but also as a platform to advocate for others! From her magical portrayal of princesses, to her powerhouse rock vocals, to her genuine and gorgeous personality-we can’t imagine The PPF without her!

Today, when Jordyn came by the building to drop off her #blacklivesmatter Kindness Rocks, we got to surprise celebrate this sweet soul with some amazing swag, courtesy of @btwfoundation @ladygaga & @mayabtwf - so well deserved!

Thank you for helping us to spread kindness, Queen Jordyn, and for being such a beautiful part of our PPF family. 💚✨
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1 day ago


Hi PPF! It is Janie and Abigail from the BAAM Squad, and today is the last day of #bekind21!

To celebrate an incredible 21 days of kindness, please stop by the PPF building and drop off some painted rocks to add to our Kindness Garden! In addition, Starbucks will be serving the delicious Peter Pan Foundation Frappuccino again this year!

Our third year of #BeKind21 with our inspiring friends at @btwfoundation has been absolutely incredible!
Now, more than ever, the world needs kindness-and we are so grateful to everyone who participated.

Though the challenge ends today, we want the kindness to continue!! Find ways that you can keep spreading the kindness... self-love, advocacy, gratitude, connection... kindness can change the world in so many ways. Thank you all for choosing to change the world with The Peter Pan Foundation. 💚✨

#BeKind21 @btwfoundation @ladygaga @mayabtwf @myphotographicmemories @mituyilma @joshmeredithnyc @taylormparker0 @alexaide @shadille @janiehollerbach @abbymgardner #kindnessrocks 💚✨
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2 days ago


Hey PPF! It’s Grant from BAMM!
I hope you’re all doing well (I miss my PPF fam so much)!

Today’s challenge for the #BeKind21 campaign is all about giving gratitude to others!

We have made a “Gratitude Gram” template and shared it to our story (you can also swipe here to use our square-shaped template!)

Be sure to tag @ppfmagic in all of your Gratitude Grams-we’ll be sharing the love here all day!

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