Teen Leadership (BAMM)

The Bay Area Magic Makers, or BAMM Squad, is the official teen council of the Peter Pan Foundation. The members of BAMM make up the very core of the Peter Pan Foundation.


Three-Part Mission:


Overseeing and promoting the 'Family' aspect of the PPF. From planning fun events for all PPF-ers, to just making sure no one feels left out during rehearsal, BAMM makes sure everyone feels like they are a part of our family here at the PPF.


This is the area where we really live up to our name. BAMM actively seeks out opportunities to help out in our local or greater community. In the past, we have done everything and anything from making bag lunches to feeding the homeless to raising funds for a local family in need.


A large part of the PPF is our ability to produce high-quality performances. BAMM not only assists with the 3 main stage shows each year, but also directs and produces smaller performances for the community. In the past we have put on an array of performances, including flash mobs, concerts, and small-stage productions at local venues.

Bay Area Magic Makers 2018-2019

Juliette Benazra, President
Grant Feuer, Vice President
Alexander Young, Secretary
Garrett Hannigan, Treasurer
Alysa Vassallo
Bailey Barnard
Elizabeth Becker
Ellie Morris
Eliza Loventhal
Evan Mirabella 
Garrett Hannigan
Grant Feuer
Hannah Hoffman
Izzy Annunciation
Jessica Noal
Julia Little
Justin Campo 
Leah Sarber
Leda Abkenari
Lleyton Allen
Matthew Shieh
Natalie Schroeder 
Nejla Ackdoe-Pagey
Rosalyn Chow 
Sadie Poole 
Tucker Starbuck


Bay Area Magic Makers College Advisory Board

BAMM's College Advisory Panel (BAMM CAP) consists of our returning members who are away at school. Each member has a specific job that they are in-charge of for the year. This panel gives these members the opportunity to still be involved in BAMM and the PPF while they are away.

 Albert James Okwudili Udom
Brooke Cox 
Jo Ben-Shmuel
Nadya Jatoft