Philanthropy is in Our DNA

The Peter Pan Foundation brings a spirit of philanthropy to everything it does. Leslie with Adorable Little Girl

Yes, we put on several dazzling musical theater performances each year… but did you know that as part of their performance, every actor is exposed to or actively involved in philanthropic causes?

PPF actors of all ages benefit from being immersed in this culture of philanthropic giving:

  • The younger children gain valuable exposure to the power they hold in the world–their ability to help those less fortunate than themselves, to give more than they receive.
  • Older children, especially those striving to enter competitive colleges, gain valuable charity hours and leadership opportunities that contribute to their success in attaining their goals.
  • Parents tell us how much they appreciate the powerful changes they see in their children brought on by the PPF. Becoming an integral part of a philanthropic organization like the PPF expands childrens’ horizons, instills confidence, and helps to create the leaders of tomorrow.