Here are some of the exciting performance and casting details for WUAS 2018…
*We will, once again have three full-length casts and two shadow casts, giving us five casts of our beloved show!
*Each of our full-length casts will have a specialty matinee performance as well as an evening show.
*Specialty matinees this year will include:
The PPF will be bringing back some of our WUAS 2017 highlights,  including an ASL matinee for audience members who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, and a matinee for audience members with special needs. We will also be adding a new magical matinee in which we will be encouraging babies, toddlers, and kids to dress up and participate in a magical costume parade, photo booth, and sing-a-long!
*As always, due to our large youth-based audiences, casts 3 and 4 will be focused on making a magical experience specifically for children. Because of this, roles will be chosen based on their authenticity to the original fairytale characters on which our show is based.
However, we have a very exciting announcement for our cast 5 performers:
*This year, The PPF will be opening up all available cast 5 roles to everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, or gender. We want to focus on inclusion, and to provide the opportunity for the actors to have their casting dreams come true. Some examples of our casting include our pre-cast Elsa (who will be played by a man-who legitimately slays the role-and the costume), and our Cinderella (who we are very honored to say will be out first ever disabled princess. She gave us the beauty, talent, and grace we were looking for and we can’t wait to design her wheelchair into a magical coach!)
So, as you are are thinking through your dream roles, let your imagination soar with possibility for cast 5-please just be aware that the roles will still be given based on best talent and passion for the character and songs!
Please note: You still need to register even if you are not attending auditions. Please select “I am happy with the roles I am called back for and will attend callbacks the weekend of January 26th” if you don’t need to audition.

Cabaret Nights

Cabaret Nights (Cab, for short) are monthly open mic nights for performers of all ages and skill-levels to share their craft. Performances are usually the last Sunday of each month at the Orinda Community Center at 7p.m., but it is best to sign up for our newsletter for exact information. Sign ups are required, and spaces fill quickly, so it is best to sign up early. Admission for Cab Night is $5.

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