Testimonials from Young Hearts that Fly!

All written testimonials are listed in alphabetical order



“The PPF has been a home away from home. It’s been a place where I feel I can really and truly be myself, and leave the humdrum of everyday life behind. On top of that, I feel that the PPF has made not just myself, but everyone who has come through a more confident and happier person.”
– Albert James Udom



“Being a part of the Peter Pan Foundation isn’t about just performing, it’s about being a part of a family. Everyone is welcoming, looks out for each other, and when you are having a bad day, there is always someone around to put a smile on your face. The PPF has taught me how to step out of my comfort zone and help others to do the same. When I first joined, I was a nervous, timid, unconfident 15 year old girl. Now, I’m a confident, determined, High School Senior ready to use everything I have learned in the PPF out in the real world.”

– Alex Bringer



“The PPF has changed my life and the life of so many others in a wide variety of ways. It is a safe and fun environment for people of all ages. The PPF is a second home for all of us, and there is no place like home.”

– Alexis Lampo



“The Peter Pan Foundation has made me more confident and less self-conscious about myself. I am more empathetic toward others and I feel like I can make my dream of becoming a Broadway singer come true!”

– Amelie Beresford-Wood



“The PPF has given me an amount of confidence I didn’t even know I had. The amazingly talented people that I’m surrounded by not only inspire me to be better, but they are also my greatest supporters.”

– Caitlin



“The Peter Pan foundation has really taught me to appreciate and except what I love to do and not be ashamed of it. I used to be a little embarrassed about being a boy who likes to dance and act, I was afraid of being judged. Then I did this assembly with the PPF at my school and I admitted to my whole school that I dance and sing. Now I’m appreciated by others and myself for what I love to do. I’ve also grown as a person by being in a positive environment and being around supportive people that have taught me to be the better me and to always send positive energy into the universe.”

– Conrad Rocha



“Last year, I joined PPF because I heard many wonderful things from a few friends I had in the foundation. I stayed pretty secluded and didn’t make many friends last year when I did WUAS. This year, I decided to give it another shot, and got the part of Meg. I obviously freaked out (as anyone does when they get their dream part) and could not wait to start rehearsals. I’ve been going to every rehearsal and meeting new people every weekend. Everyone in the PPF is so sweet and nice and I feel comfortable talking to any random person standing around me. After every Sunday, I can’t wait to get through the week just so I can go to rehearsal again the Sunday after that. There is so much talent and passion in one room, and it truly feels magical to sing with all these wonderful people. I cannot wait to make more friends and meet even more people as the year goes on. I love PPF, and I can’t wait for WUAS 2014 and every show after that!”

– Danielle Gelhaus



“Being in the PPF is such an amazing experience. As someone who has always had trouble fitting in and making friends in school, the PPF is a place where I fit in. I am not afraid that I will be left out or ridiculed for being myself. After every PPF rehearsal, performance, and event, I feel so happy. I know that I have made true friends that make me feel loved and wanted, so thanks for that, PPF.”

– Emma Gaffney



“I got involved with the Peter Pan Foundation when I was 11 years old, because my older brother had been involved for a couple years. When I first started, I was super shy, quiet and insecure and it took me a couple years to break out of that. The people I have met in the PPF are some of the most interesting, accepting, and talented people I’ve ever met, and it’s because of these people that I have gained confidence in myself as a person and as a performer. The PPF inspires me to make my dreams become a reality, and to always persevere, no matter how impossible my goals may seem. I couldn’t imagine my life without the Peter Pan Foundation.”

– Jordan Ben-Shmuel



When I became a part of the Peter Pan foundation, I was expecting to have a good time doing shows and learning more about theater. Little did I know, the PPF would transform me into the person I am today in the best way possible. Through PPF, I have made some of my best friends, became a stronger actress and singer, and had some of my most memorable moments. In the PPF I have been pushed to reach for things outside of my comfort zone, which is so rewarding. When I became a part of the PPF, what I truly did was become a part of a wonderful family.”

-Kate Metcalf



“PPF has taught me to go outside of my comfort zone. I use to perform in the background so that no one could see me. Now, I am seen. I am much more comfortable on the stage now than ever. And I get to show the world my love for Disney.”

– Larrolyn Patterson Parms-Ford



“The PPF has always instilled that it is our passion for performing and our love for helping others that brings us together. It brings me to tears and makes my heart swell every time I see the amount of joy and talent that PPF brings together on the stage. There is nothing more important in life than doing something you love and helping others along the way.”

– Lauren Hall



“The PPF is amazing. I love coming to rehearsal with all of the warm loving people. My favorite memory in the PPF is when I first came and there were so many people who were welcoming and kind considering I was so shy. PPF has really changed my life for good.”

– Lily Metcalf



“When I entered the PPF I was worried that everybody had their friends already and that I would be an outsider. I attended my first rehearsal and realized that it was one big family that I was accepted into by every member immediately. It has built up my confidence as a performer and as a person. Leslie is the most amazing role model that anybody could ever ask for. But not only her, all of the college kids are amazing as well and are so much fun to talk to. After my first show, Wish Upon A Star, I realized how magical this organization really was. I was having so much fun and it didn’t even seem like work. I realized that I had found where I belong. I love the PPF ?”

– Lizzy Obrand



“PPF has made a big impact on my life. The first time I saw anything done by the PPF was the first time they performed Wish Upon A Star because my brother was involved in the show. I remember being in awe of all the performers in the show especially the boy playing Peter Pan, Steffen. The next year I really wanted to be Tinkerbell because I really wanted to work with that amazing Peter Pan but I was too shy to audition. The year after that I really wanted to be Sebastian but again I was too shy. After that I got disconnected from the PPF for a few years and finally last year I auditioned to be in Wish Upon A Star 2013. I met so many amazing and talented people that I was kind of mad at myself for not auditioning when I was younger. The magic these performers bring to the stage is incredible and I’m so happy I get to be a part of something so special!”

-Maria Sanderson



“The PPF is a place where everyone can find their true selves. I constantly see development into these amazing and talented people with a new sense of confidence. It’s really a beautiful thing to witness and it makes you proud to know that you’re a part of the reason why.”

– Mary Latif



“The PPF has given me so many life skills and friendships that I know I will keep with me forever. Through the BAMM Squad and the PPF in general I have gained skills such as being able to work better in a group, be organized, and plan successful events. These are skills that I will be able to utilize in my everyday life forever. For that reason I can never repay PPF enough.”

– Megan Dhaliwal



“I’ll never forget my first time behind the stage during my first WUAS play. As I sat, just a little sixth grader in blue footies, upon the biggest stage I’ve performed on, in front of the biggest audience I’d performed for, there should’ve been no way to describe the anticipation fluttering in my chest. And yet, as I recall those few moments before the stage was officially lit, it wasn’t anxiety that dominated my thoughts, but complete joy. As I saw the stage crew from the wings, Kaya and Kate, and my cast members lounging on the bed, Michelle and Ren and Max, I knew there was no need to have fear. In that moment there was no doubt- along with my family in the audience, I had found a new family in the PPF. Although this family continues to grow and change to this day, there is one thing that stays the same: the foundation of love, support, and genuine magic that makes the PPF the beautifully inspirational and incredible foundation is is, was, and continues to be now and forever.”

-Riley Felt



“The PPF taught me that I’ve been blessed with my health and by my friends and I should use my talents to help others less fortunate. I don’t know why I didn’t realize this before, but after five years with The Peter Pan Foundation, it couldn’t be more clear. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by such lovely, generous people devoting their time to a great cause.”

-Rosie Tyler



“The PPF helped me find my place in the world. Everyone here taught me how to love myself and that I can, in fact, change the world.”

– Savannah Souza



“The PPF changed my life because it made me realize that I’m not alone and there is always someone to talk to when I’m feeling down. I’ve made a lot of great friends through the PPF that will hopefully last forever.”

– Shannon Hennessy



“The PPF has changed my life for the better. It has given me so much self-confidence in who I am and who I want to be. I can be whoever I want and everyone will like me the way I am. I don’t feel judged or excluded and everyone wants to be friends with everyone. Because of ppf, I now have confidence in what I do well and improving in what I needed to work on in order to be the best performer I can!”
– Taryn